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Perhaps the best way to remember a person, place or time in your life is through photographs. Pictures can

also be a great way to explore the world around you and discover places you’ve never been.


J Rand Photography

Like music, it just moves you. This ignition for photography hasn’t always been there – more of a process and continuous ongoing discovery. Like any passion there is an ebb and flow and similar to the Velveteen Rabbit, it’s taken a long time to feel real within me. Now it has given me an evolving view and reservoir of energy. Though my technical skills have improved it’ s peculiar because that is the least important aspect of photography. May my freedom and awareness come into focus through my camera lens:  to realize without evaluating and see the rose and lily.

Never pretend –  their beauty is that it is what it is.


Take a moment out of time and hold it still forever –  or at least until time itself just fades it.  Then in that moment, that’s frozen, it can be felt and loved. We hope photography will be primarily about, not just images we’re photographing, but how we feel and how we see them. Will today I be fortunate to capture the stalking jaguar when it reveals itself? Will this photo taken paint a more vivid picture for you than all the words?

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Portrait & Travel Photographer

Exploring, discovering…the process. The camera body, a leading lens, stalking the leopard—the hunt for the elusive image that paints a tale, capturing the inner being in a portrait. My journey—where photography takes me. Faded words on a broken wall echo, “like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.” (Disraeli) Let me share with you what I see. Imagine.


The human body is beautiful and full of emotion. When these feelings overflow and we are fortunate to be present, photography may allow us to capture them together. It’s only our view. Annie Liebowitz, a renowned photographer, remarked, “The thing that you see in my pictures is that I’m not afraid to fall in love with these people.” It’s quite a thing photographing people –  it lingers with you. We learn to see – then it doesn’t stop: the seeing and framing is always there and active.


Travel can be enlightening. How fortunate to have a travel passion. It’s a spectacular thing when travel and photography come together. If travel is impossible but the wonders of the world are of interest, then, let me share my images. My most favourite place is wherever I am. In the moment, the present, this is where photography is done. The joy and appreciation of photography has been a gift;  it’s given me new eyes to view the world.  We will always be there or here – let’s capture the moment and share our view.

Photography Interests

My true love lies in capturing the living, breathing colour and vibrancy of life and nature.

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